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About Pacific Union Ltd

We are a global sourcing service provider with more than 27 years of manufacturing as well as 12 years of product sourcing experience and supporting worldwide companies to outsource their manufacturing to the factories within the Asia/Pacific region.

Specialized in evaluations of factories and products based on reliability, quality, certifications, lead times and communication, we are driven to provide products and services of only fully vetted and authorized manufacturers with the best overall value of low cost but guaranteed quality products delivered in time.


To facilitate and enrich the lives of the elderly and disabled people by delivering new technologies, products and solutions quickly to those in need.

To increase its effectiveness and efficiency in the national and international markets in the future. Dynamic, innovative company that leads the industry as a continuous self-improvement to be a reliable and reputable organizations

Infrared Fever Thermometer

Non-invasive temperature measurement delivers clinically accurate readings in about one second, perfect for rapid screening in medical environments, offices, restaurants, and more Measures at the forehead with no skin contact required; minimizes risk of cross contamination

Digital Armpit thermometer

Waterproof, rinse with water after the measurement day, regular use of alcohol can also be disinfected Beep, beep after the end of the measurement automatically prompt (measured mercury do not know how long the subject, this section no such concerns) Precision, accuracy up to ± 0.5 ℃, the minimum scale reading up to 0.1 ℃; switch into Fahrenheit (F) available

Medical face mask

Fully certified for Europe and USA Medical Grade High quality with strict microorganism index control

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